CHRS SMTHNG aka Christian Sonntag is offering you *full-service video support for your event, theater or festival stage production. I complement these services with *event management, which allows me to create and coordinate much more complex scenarios as a one hand service.

My work oscillates between creation and organisation. I offer excellent experiences in connecting concept and stageplay. And of cause, i work with State-Of-The-Art technologies and outstanding software – as my budget allows.

With my skills I create and collaborate for *video shows, *audio-visual live performances as well as *performance events itself. I offer *visual stage production, *video content creation and *live video performance as well as *video operation, *technical support and *screen creation.

In a modular way, my services can be perfectly scaled to your request and needs!

Some more keywords, that might probably make your heart beat fast: *vdmx / *modul8 / *resolume / *mad mapper / *quartz composer / *pd / *iannix / *adobe CS / *C4D. While working, I take advantage of the interaction protocols *osc / *midi / *hid / *http / *lan and *DMX.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me about your request!

I am constantly looking for inspiring collaborations. If you like my work and you are curious about a collaboration – send me a message!