Miss Renay Penny – lookbook episodes 2012

Miss Renay Penny - Flowmarket 2012
I am working with Céline Pelé aka Miss Renay Penny since spring 2012. She is doing amazing costume works and accessoiries. She creates own collections of handcrafted and unique pieces.

Fashion: Céline Pelé / Miss Renay Penny
celinepele.fr / facebook.com/miss-renay-penny

I came up with the idea to shoot some videos of her recent items for a promotional use. After the accordance of a sound artist to use some of his beautiful music tracks for the items, i finished a series of 4 videos.

Sound: Mathias van Eecloo / Monolyth & Cobalt
monolyth-cobalt.com / monolyth-and-cobalt.bandcamp.com

At some point, the hand-camera-style gets ennoying, i know. Sorry for that.
The clips follow the items of Céline’s work with a mysthical, promising, very organic perspective and warm temperated colours.