Collage d’Ombre

Collage d'Ombre - B-Seite Mannheim 2012
Audiovisual Live Performance

Idea and Video Aude Francoise ( )
Sound and Programming Servando Barreiro ( )
Akkordeon Christian Sonntag ( )

Shadow collage is an audiovisual performance completely generated in real time, developed by Aude François, video artist, Servando Barriero musician and programmer and Christian Sonntag, accordion player. On a glass surface, covered with semi transparent paper, a webcam captures the video feedback, of series of illustrations manipulated, animated and sychronized to the sounds of the accordion (via a pure data patch). The instrument passes into audio filters, transforming the textures, combined with various atmosferes ofloatingf field recording.

This performance transports the viewer in a visual game, a narration where figures, forms and textures experience an aesthetic metamorphosis.The piece articulates a corpus of differents illustrations extracted from children’s books, recomposed as animated paterns and forms.

During 30 minutes the trio composes a video and sound performance generated in real time, combining acoustic and experimental atmosfere, searching to blur the reality of those pieces of paper strapped out of a book. The interaction between the moving images and the sounds is processed via a synesthesia, analyzing the influence of the music on a real time feedback live video content. The illustrations turn into shadows articulated in a floatting story, abstracted from its original context, transforming the prints into mooving images and paterns, leaving the maniplulation process visible to the viewer.


Collage d’Ombre – Freemote Festival Utrecht/NL, Dezember 2011


Collage d’Ombre – SCREENPLAY.CHB Berlin, April 2011

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Collage d’Ombre – B-Seite Festival Mannheim, März 2011

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Collage d’Ombre – Limbus Europae Berlin, November 2010

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