Berlan Allee

Audiovisual live performance presented august 17th at Panke Berlin.


Berlan Allee – promenade transfrontalière // Bazar okzidental

With Faraz Azimi/ir (flute, synth) –
Iman Deeper/ir (electronics) – mixcloud link
Katarina Liana/gr (physical intervention) – vimeo link
Céline Pelé/fr (viola) –
Andreas Karaoulanis/gr (live video) –
Christian Sonntag/de (accordeon) –

The project is a converging narration of cultural origins. Inspired by the individual backgrounds of the artists, the narration explores acoustic textures and visual shapes in a mutual interactivity. Framed by the origins of the artists, the performance sets an unique path of correlation of traditional music instruments and computer generated signals.

Thanks to Andreas Karaoulanis for the video summary.
Thanks to Patrick K.-H. (Anton Iakhontov) for the collaborative video loops (